Happy Halloween!

What do you do when your 4 year old runs up to you in August and says, “Mama, next Halloween you know what I want to be?  Molten Wock!”

Well, you take several moments of exasperation and you think to yourself, “How the hell am I going to pull this off?”  Then you answer, “You can be whatever you want!”

I’ve been asking him every few weeks since then if he still wanted to be Molten Rock… just to be sure.  I knew I would have my work cut out for me and that this was going to be quite an investment of time, so I wanted to give him the opportunity to recant his decision before I got started.  So, Molten Rock it would be.  And I thought, “Awesome!!! How unique and creative!”  I was so proud of him actually… I had expected the answer to the costume question to be some kind of rescue personnel or some kind of superhero… that seems to be the scope of the four-year-old boy genre 🙂  But I was determined to actualize his Molten Rock request.  It didn’t seem right to try to talk him down from this.

So here it is… I’m not sure it’s actually recognizable as Molten Rock, but my son loves it!

Molten Rock costume


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