Playing hooky

With my son home sick today, we had to figure out something to do to keep us busy.

First I fulfilled a long awaited rocket request.  This is the second one of these I’ve made and it doesn’t look like my engineering skills have improved much.  I was however successful this time in dressing up the rocket a bit so that it wasn’t just cardboard brown.

We sat together for quite some time, choosing the right colors, and confirming the size of the nose and the general shape of the fins.  I was, however, informed that my fins were slightly too large.

Next we decided to do a few classic science experiments involving vinegar.  With the first we hypothesized which solution would clean dirty pennies the best: 1)dish soap & water or 2)vinegar & salt.  Yes, you all know the answer to this.  But to my four-year-old it was like magic watching the pennies brighten up in the vinegar solution!  He had to do his entire piggy bank.  We even tried to polish up the plastic play money–the results on that are still up in the air.

And you probably guessed it, what other vinegar experiment would be considered classic?  I asked my son if he wanted to make an explosion.  He immediately said no, he did not.  But when I explained what we were actually going to be doing, he was curious, if not a bit skeptical.  He asked if we would have to evacuate the house and call the fire department.

(This would be tame compared to the chlorine and brake fluid reaction my father showed me.)

Anyway, I let him pick the color and measure out the baking soda and pour the vinegar.  We tried “exploding” rainbow sprinkles in one experiment (see darker blue) but they were a bit too heavy and kept the mixture from rising up.  The lighter blue trials were a success however!  All in all we managed to use up a good portion of the box of baking soda and at least a quart of vinegar.  Time and resources well spent!

We all need a personal day, a day off from our schedule.  Why should children be any different?  I really don’t have a problem keeping him home from school when I think he needs a break.  No, he’ll probably never receive one of those meaningless awards for perfect attendance, but in the long run–it’s worth it!


2 thoughts on “Playing hooky

  1. And I’m guessing that THIS will be a day he talks about when he’s a teenager! They so value their time with us, and we all need to remember to slow down, take a day off, and enjoy EVERY AGE our kids reach – yep, even the “terrible twos” and the “terrible teens” because sooner rather than later, they’ll be out of the house. Great day MOM!

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