Worksheet Curriculum


Just another Pearson print-out!

My son brings them home all the time.  Not on a daily basis, like his kindergarten friend in another district, but we certainly see more Pearson coming home in his folder than ANYTHING else!  I am instructed to review these with my child, but mostly they just go into the recycling bin so we can get down to some real book reading or playing, or anything else really.  He isn’t interested in them, and I can’t blame him.

But I did think of a very good purpose for them:

I save them now, and when I need to send a note to school with my son, I tear off a section of Pearson and write on the back!  Then I don’t have to waste my own notepaper and the print-outs aren’t a complete waste of resources!




6 thoughts on “Worksheet Curriculum

  1. Great idea on the reuse of the Pearson sheets! Do you have a bird – they’d make great cage liners too!!
    By the way, I absolutely LOVE the ways the toes are colored!! YAY!!

    • No bird, but I’m sure we’ll find other equally creative uses for them. Yes, the toes are great, another time when he “got a little off track.”

      • OMG – if the purpose of a “coloring sheet” is to develop fine motor skills, who give a crap about which colors were used?

  2. My son (1st grade) brings home a lot of Houghton Mifflin. I started vermicomposting (composting with worms). The worms love to eat his worksheets. Hopefully this summer, my garden will enjoy these!

    • That’s a great idea!!! We compost as well, so maybe I’ll start adding worksheets to the mix. Or maybe I can put them through the paper shredder and line my chickens’ nesting boxes with them too! I’m not familiar with Houghton Mifflin… will have to look that up, but I’m assuming it’s similar to Pearson– scripted, homogenized education?

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