Love and Sadness

I haven’t felt much like blogging the past few days.  When such a deep tragedy occurs like that at Sandy Hook Elementary School, it makes everything else seem so insignificant–everything except one’s own children.  My heart continues to break for the children and adults who were so unfairly taken in Newtown.  My tears continue to fall as I contemplate the unimaginable grief that the survivors must be feeling.  I especially grieve with the parents who lost a child.  I spent the weekend loving my own children and wondering what it could ever be like to live without them.

Still, I am without words to convey the emotions I feel for all of the people of Newtown right now.  I think we are all dealing with the news of this tragedy in our own way.  To the people of Newtown, my thoughts are with you right now and wish I could lessen your pain.  I find myself silent right now, filled only with love and sadness.


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