Happy Holidays at School

I love handmade gifts!  So this year Oscar and I worked together to make something meaningful for the special grown-ups in my son’s life at school.  Using the watercolor project I outlined here, Oscar made some delightful bookmarks for all of his teachers and aids!


And he made a wonderful little painting for his “Aunt,” the loving woman who watches him now and then.  He loves to ride the bus there whenever he has early dismissal.  He is excited for the annual Christmas party tomorrow after school.  I hope she is just as excited to see his painting!


I helped out too!  Sampler bags of Royal Shortbread Cookies… my specialty!


Happy Holidays!  And thank you for all that you do and the time you spend with my son when he is away from home! (I suppose I owe them Royal Shortbread for being the royal pain in the ass that I am 🙂  )


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