Mom, I’m Done!

Aaaahhhh, to hear that short exclamation booming through walls.  “Mom, I’m done!”  If you currently are or have ever been a parent to a child around the age range of 3-7 you know exactly what I’m talking about.

“Mom, I’m done!”  Oh how I dread that exclamation.  Oh the terrible thoughts that go through my head!

“Mom, I’m done!”  It comes again.

“Oh joy,” I think to myself, not responding right away.

“Mom, I’m done!!!”

“Alright!  I’m coming,”  I yell back.  Time to wipe another bum.

Yes, that’s my summons, to help a child that can’t even wipe his own bum!  Yet, in school he and other children as young as four years old are expected to perform to the rigors and high standards of the Common Core Learning Standards.

It frightens me that young kids can’t be kids anymore… and all because of an educational environment that panders to the test.

Even ABC news gets it, citing a 2009 Gallup poll that 1 in 5 elementary school principals are cutting back on recess in order to meet testing requirements.

And what about art?  Music?  Gym?  Field Trips?  Clubs?  Librarians?  Teachers?  Increased class sizes?  Technology?  Textbooks?  Foreign Language?  How will our children’s educational experiences change?

All the experiences that not only make school fun, but are fundamental for social and cognitive development in children, are being stripped away while students are forced to sit still for longer and longer periods of time.  And for what?  To pass a test.

“Mom, I’m done!”  And it’s true, he’s opting out of this ridiculous culture of standardized tests!


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