The Look, part 2

In a recent postI mentioned the reaction I get most times when I talk about my disagreement with education reform and my decision to opt my son out of standardized testing.  I get the look a lot, and for many reasons.The%20Shining

Have you ever received the look?  It’s the expression in another’s face when a discussion turns to something with which they don’t agree, or that they don’t understand.  The look can transform a face immediately and there can be no hiding the discrepancy of opinion.  Or the look can be barely perceptible, perhaps a slight pursing of the lips.  Yes, the look has endless possibilities:

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There can be many reasons for the look.


The more often you challenge a preconceived notion or the mainstream way of thinking, the more often you’ll encounter the look.  It can be uncomfortable at times, but you’ll get used to it.

One thing’s for certain when you encounter a disapproving look….  You’ll know it when you see it!



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