Why do little boys exist?

True Exaggeration

Sometimes the shortest conversations can leave the greatest impact.

Not five minutes ago, my son started a dinner conversation.  He is just five years old, an age when children start to think more deeply about their world.

“Why do little boys exist,” he asked?

How do you answer that?  We answered with an answer, “Why do you think little boys exist?”

He thought for a few seconds.  “Well… it’s complicated,” he begins.  He continues, “Little boys exist to play.”

There you have it… one small aspect of this interconnected existence explained!

Then we thought we’d try to get some more answers to life’s deep questions.

“Why do I exist,” my husband asked?

“To help me with things.”

“Why do I exist,” I then asked?

“You exist to take care of me.”

Finally, I asked, “Why does your sister exist?”  (She’s 17 months old right now).

“She exists to bop things.”


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