When I first published this post there were less that 200 member in the Opt-out NY Facebook group. Now we are just shy of 1000, with new members every single day. Someone recently asked me about this post, and so I thought it relevant to reblog!

The Plain Satisfactions

Hello parents out there!  If you’re like me, new to the school system and trying to understand it all, maybe you had a WTF moment like I did.  It’s not hard to see how confusing it all is when trying to decipher all the acronyms.

When the USDOE announced RTTT, they offered grant money  to LEAs that wish to apply.  The LEA must then submit their APPR to NYSED and are held accountable according to new SLO.  How is this different from NCLB, I wondered, where schools were required to show AYP?  Are schools still at risk of being labeled SINOI?  Would they then be assigned a TFA teacher?  Many schools sytems are using VAM to evaluate teachers, and this has led to the implementation of many sort of standardized tests.  I was familiar with the ACT and the SAT, but had a…

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