In the Name of Profit

I think most people can appreciate that it’s not good when large corporate entities drive a market of any kind.  I think we all know they’ll do whatever it takes to turn a profit.

I’m looking forward to a talk by a community member.  He’s going to talk about seed-saving.  We’ll discuss heirlooms & hybrids.  We’ll talk about GMOs and the evil impact of the corporate monster Monsanto.  I won’t go into details… if you’re interested in learning about Monsanto’s role in agriculture, you’ll take it upon yourself to do some easy internet research.

The man who will be giving this talk is also a school board member.  And what strikes me is that he cares so deeply about preserving real unadulterated & sustainable agriculture, yet he fails to see that the Common Core is to education what Monsanto is to agriculture.  Just a thought on this Easter Sunday…


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