Growing Seeds & Smiling Faces

Today was a fun morning.  My son and I helped the Pre-K class at our school start seeds!

Back when my son was still enrolled, I had offered to do a mini workshop with the kids.  Just because he no longer attends doesn’t mean that my interest to be involved in our school has suddenly waned.  So, his former teacher and I made arrangements.

The kids were so excited to see their former classmate and were very enthusiastic about the project with positive YESes when I asked if they liked to eat vegetables, and mostly YEAHs when I asked if they had a vegetable garden at home and if they liked to help out in it.  And an astounding YAY when I asked if they wanted to grow their own seeds today!

First I read them a book.  It was called From Seed to Pumpkin by Wendy Pfeffer.  I didn’t mind the many interjections as they responded to different parts of the story!  Then they divided up at two tables and my son helped pass out supplies.  They each had a paper cup with drainage holes already poked into the bottom.  They filled up their cups with potting soil using spoons. Then my son gave each child two seeds (to insure that at least one germinated– would be so sad if someone didn’t produce a plant!), and they poked them down through the soil.  Finally, we passed around a spray bottle so that each child could water their seeds.

The seeds will grow into California Red Kidney Beans.  Once the seedlings grow big enough, they will be transplanted into the school’s greenhouse garden.  If all goes well, the 18 plants will thrive and produce enough kidney beans so the kids can make chile next year in Kindergarten! (That would be my long-term plan anyway!)

I know all of these kids by name.  I know many of their families in this community.  It was good to see them again, and although my son will not be attending school, these curious faces remind me that there is so much worth fighting for.  These kids deserve the best education.

On a different note, my family recently returned from a San Francisco vacation.  While we were there we visited Alcatraz.  Today, while my son and I were walking down the hall of the school on our way out, he remarked out of the blue, “This kind of reminds me of Alcatraz.”  I assure you this was completely unprompted; We hadn’t even discussed San Francisco or Alcatraz this day nor in the past week.  Just something to think about. 🙂


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