Valedictorian calls for action during graduation speech.

In North Tonawanda, NY the valedictorian spoke for almost 10 minutes at her 2013 high school graduation, coming out heavily against the detrimental effects of focusing too much on testing in school rather than real learning.

This young woman sums it up poignantly and perfectly, with the courage to tell it like it is. We spend so much time talking and looking to ‘experts’ for their insight. We can learn a lot by listening to our young people more often. Their voices are just as valid, perhaps even more so as they are the ones most manipulated under education reforms. The title of her speech was her state assemblyman’s phone number. Let us follow this valedictorian’s lead and have the courage to speak out. Call you legislators today and tell them what you think.

Whether you are for or against the state assessments, let your voice be heard and hopefully someday education will once against be about the joy of learning and discovery.

NY Assembly
NY Senate


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