Left-Right Alliance for Education

We oppose the CCSSI because it continues the failed education reforms of the past and violates privacy rights as it builds a system for centrally managed student training for the future workforce of the “Global Economy.” This central goal will dismantle liberal arts education, which most contributes to the development of mature thinkers who are prepared to thrive in any chosen life path and sustain a free civilization.

In a top-down structure of power, the apex wants nothing more than unquestioning compliance. Things run smoother that way. If people can be kept busy with various vices and the illusion of irreconcilable differences, decisions can be made that maintain the status quo and benefit the people already on top. But weeks ago a discussion began amongst various advocates for education across the country and we determined that a strong foundation exists for multi-partisan opposition to the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

It is with great pleasure that I would like to introduce the Left-Right Alliance for Education. With opposition to the CCSSI often mischaracterized as coming from only one side of the political spectrum, the Left-Right Alliance for Education bridges the divide and finds common ground in a multi-partisan opposition to the CCSSI. Please visit the site and read our statement!


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