First Day of School… well, not really


Today school starts in my district! Everyone I know has been posting first-day-of-school pictures of their children.  I feel compelled to share mine!

Part of the morning was spent inside. We all did tasks we consider boring. I cleaned the kitchen. My son did some Common Core approved writing practice 🙂  My daughter sucked the pigment from a non-toxic gray marker.

Then we moved onto more serious subjects. For my daughter is was Fundamentals of the Sub-compact Tractor, with an emphasis on backhoe digging and fruit tree transplantation.

My son focused his attention on Hydro-Geology. Then he did some experiments in buoyancy (or lack thereof) and water displacement.

Who knows what the afternoon will bring?  We’ve lunched and napped (well, one of us did and still is thankfully) and now we’re ready to continue.  So far, we’re really enjoying this first day of school!







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