Dr. Megan Koschnick presents on the Developmentally Inappropriate Common Core–Video Released

This is a must-see video for any parent of an early elementary-aged child. Dr. Koschnick gives a clear presentation about the developmentally inappropriate nature of the Common Core State Standards from her background and expertise in child psychology and childhood development.

Dr. Megan Koschnick presents on the Developmentally Inappropriate Common Core–Video Released.

Please take the time to watch the video. This is something that concerns us all. We cannot, with good conscience, allow these terribly inappropriate practices to dominate our children’s development. Cognitively, our children are just not ready to process much of the new standards. They simply are not ready. You cannot drill information into the brain of a child if that brain just isn’t developed enough to deal with it. Dr. Koschnick uses the word “training” and she says that to accomplish what the standards outline, much time is going to be consumed and activities that are truly necessary for the proper development of our children will be edged out. But if you wait, until the brain is ready, until the child is ready, it happens at the right time in a much easier way, without much of the frustration.

The new standards are untested and not backed up with any research or evidence that they are going to successfully educate our children and leave a positive impact. They have me very concerned. In fact, my concern is so great that I chose to keep my 5-year-old son home from kindergarten. “Early childhood educators and child development experts were not involved in the development of the standards. And the standards were not explicitly tied to research,” presents Dr. Koschnick. Throughout her presentation, she reviews several of the Common Core’s specific standards and explains how developmentally ridiculous they are for that age group.

Studies have already revealed that children subjected to developmentally inappropriate classroom practices exhibit high levels of observable stress-related behaviors. I noticed a big change in my son last year after he started Pre-K. And I hear many stories from parents in my district that seem to support these studies. Dr. Koschnick hypothesizes based on her expertise in childhood development that the effects of inappropriate curriculum will include:

  • a loss of creativity
  • frustration
  • possibly conflict
  • a lot of tears

According to Dr. Koschnick, we’re starting very early with notions of conformity. We are teaching our children to care only about the notions and ideas of others, and to adjust their manner of being accordingly. And according to Dr. Koschnick, this is not only a bad idea, it is entirely detrimental to younger children in kindergarten and first grade, where it is developmentally appropriate for them to be practicing independence and seeing the world through egocentric eyes. This is the age for them to explore and create… and be proud of themselves doing it!

Dr. Koschnick says that teachers wear many hats; They are mentors, mothers, fathers, therapists, artists, scientists, etc. “But now after reading these standards, I’m afraid they’re going to have to wear another one. And that would be the hat of a magician.

I share Dr. Koschnick’s wariness over the lack of research behind the Common Core State Standards. With anything this important, there should be many citations. “Surely you’d think that the academic standards for a nation of children would be based on research… We demand that in other fields.”


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