Happy Valentines Day (belated)


The day of love has come and gone.  I’m classically late and the queen of untimely, but I truly do have a valid excuse for not posting my Valentine’s Day post on Valentine’s Day. I spent my Valentine’s Day curled up on the couch with some sort of immobilizing flu. Fun times!

Anyway, prior to becoming ill, we did prepare for Valentine’s Day and the traditional exchange of cards between friends. I remember the paper mailboxes taped to the front of desks, the classroom parties, and the pre-made packages of mini-cards themed with the current exploits of popular culture.

My children don’t go to school. Contrary to the myth of the asocial homeschooler, my children have lots of friends and spend time with many other children in a variety of settings. This year, they were to celebrate Valentine’s Day at their babysitter’s house with all the other children she watches. She hosts parties for all the holidays and the kids’ birthdays. She adores her charges, and they love her. My children were looking forward to yet another one of her fabulous parties, so we planned on bringing handmade Valentine’s Day cards. I love to do anything I can to circumvent mainstream consumer culture. So this year, instead of buying packages of branded character Valentine’s Day cards for my kids to exchange, I thought it would be fun to make our own. I let them do as much as they could on their own, and I helped when needed.

Making things yourself can grant a feeling of accomplishment and pride. It makes your gift unique and personal. It adds meaning. It might not seem like much, but these are concepts that are very important to me and valuable qualities with which I want my children to grow up. Making these cards gave us the opportunity to spend time together and have fun.

My six-year-old son made these for his friends.

My six-year-old son made these for his friends.

My two-year-old made these for her friends.

My two-year-old made these for her friends.


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