Da Best Baby Girl Evah!

My daughter, Mara, is two and a half. She melts my heart every day and has since before she was born. Yesterday I posted about Oscar’s loving gift to me. Mara, too, gives her love to me in ways that fulfill my being.

Like when she does something new and yells, “You pwoud o’ me, mom?”

Or when I take care of her boo boo and she tells me, “You da best doctah evah.”

She’s a hugger and a kisser, and she has refused to sleep anywhere else but by my side since her first day outside of the womb. Sometimes she will wrap her arms tightly around my neck and hold me close saying, “I not letting you go.”

The other day, she hugged me tightly as I placed her on the changing table and she said, “I have da best Mama at my home. I yuv you.” This ended in a long sigh of “Awe,” and an even longer hug.

I can’t imagine my life without her. I love you too, Mara. You da best baby girl evah!



One thought on “Da Best Baby Girl Evah!

  1. Mara is a last name in Africa, especially for the Manding people in West Africa. For example the current Prime Minister of Mali, his Excellency Mr. Moussa Mara. I love how your daughter Mara take care of you…It makes me to think about my 7 years old daughter Kadi, who is also lovely.

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