Misguided Pride

As parents, we are drawn to celebrate our children’s firsts: their first step, their first word, their first tooth, their first day of school. It’s normal to be unapologetically proud of one’s child and to celebrate their growth and achievements. But sometimes we go overboard and our pride is misguided.

When parents of kindergartners are sharing pride posts in social media of their children’s first homework assignments, I can’t help but shake my head and roll my eyes.

Little Jimmy’s first homework! 🙂 [picture of worksheet usually attached]

Kindergarten? Homework? Really? Maybe there should be less pride about such firsts and more outrage and questioning as to what’s happening in education to necessitate the giving of homework assignments to kindergartners. Just sayin’.

Imagine the collective power there could be if more parents started saying “no” to trends like these. Before long, little Jimmy’s first kindergarten homework assignment will turn into his first high-stakes test and his first episode of Common Core-related anxiety and his first crushing feeling of utter defeat in a system where the odds are stacked to intentionally produce failure in our children, their teachers, and their schools.

Get used to it. It won’t be the first time.


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